Criminal Defence Law

How to prepare

How to prepare

In advance of meeting with your lawyer


Prior to meeting with us:

At trial, the police will be referring to their notes to refresh their memories of the incident, you are entitled to do the same.

Prepare a statement of your own regarding what occurred on the day or night of the incident. More specifically, we would be looking for what intoxicants you consumed, in what volumes, and at what time. Many cases involve toxicology defences where a clear recollection of what you had consumed in terms of alcohol or drugs over what period of time will be very important. Before too much time has passed, write out this statement describing your activities. This will not be introduced to the court as any kind of evidence or document, this is to assist both you and your lawyer when the time comes for trial. Most trial dates are anywhere from 9 months to a year after the charge is laid, so don't leave it until then.

Should you have any bar receipts, interac or credit card statements that would assist in determining what you consumed, be sure to keep those as well.

If you were out with friends or family, we would also ask that they provide a statement of what they can remember regarding the evening as well, so have them do the same before they begin forgetting important details.